Wondrous and Wise Words

Wondrous and Wise Words

Here we are well into 2020! Both a new year and a new decade and a great chance to reset. Historically, resolutions fail and are very hard to sustain. The antidote I suggest to clients is simple- words.

I have been a lover of words (real and imagined) since Dr. Suess was a childhood entryway to my long love affair with books. Words have power- for good and bad effects. Gary Chapman, famed author of the book, The Five Love Languages referred to words as either bullets or seeds in a lesser known book- Love as a Way of Life.

This cautionary tale reminds us to be careful with our words both to others and how we speak to ourselves. Bullets tear through flesh. Seed take root and grow when they are given the proper conditions for growth.

Rather than create yearly resolutions, why not create a word or phrase every month? This is a successful practice I utilize with my clients- children and adults.

A dear childhood friend and I share our new word/phrase as one month closes out and a new one begins. For January 2020, she chose Conscious Consumption. After the indulgences of the holidays, this was her pick for a couple reasons. One, for her to eat more healthy, consciously and mindfully and two, to use her current resources wisely. She planned to use up pantry and freezer food items and buy only fresh produce and perishables to save money. Bet there will be some fun mystery meals on the menu. Instead of buying the two family dogs much needed new dog beds, she crafted beds from old pillows and blankets. She sent me a picture of both pooches blissed out on their plaid beds.

Holidays are centered around celebration and that often leads to excess. Focusing on this phrase reminds her that her health and finances can and will recover. The phrase has potency as well as simplicity.

How can we choose a word or phrase that makes an impact?

Try this.

1- List ten important values in your life. They can be broad like family or specific- two nights of quality, screen free family time per week.

2- List some goals that would make an impact in your life. Better eating. Managing stress. Exercise. They can be professional, spiritual, personal, physical or emotional in nature.

3- Narrow down the one goal that would make the biggest impact in your life now.

4- Pick the word or phrase that best reflects this goal and honors your stated values.

5- Several times per week, reflect on how well you embody this word or phrase. See what you can do to improve. Acknowledge what you are doing well.

Pick an accountability partner. My friend and I discuss our words throughout the month. It is a fun way to bond and a powerful practice to share with people in our lives.

Words, words, they’re everywhere

Choose them wisely and with great care

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