The Wild Winds of a Well Worn Life

The Wild Winds of a Well Worn Life

My adventure buddy and I are sharing a fitness challenge for 2020. An accountability partner makes the task more fun and successful. We are more likely to let ourselves down than another.

So, in the spirit of starting a new fitness routine, there are several forms of exercise I choose from. One, is taking my aging and blind yet young at heart dog for a three mile walk. This walk is part nature preserve and part neighborhood, nicknamed the Darth loop.

We had been in the lull of a three day winter storm and I checked and double checked my weather app to make sure it was not too harsh for my 11 pounder. Wind speed 13 miles an hour. Temp- low 30s. We have both endured walks with worse weather than this. Let’s go!

The first part of the journey was in an unsheltered wide open field where the wind can be other level strong. But it was not. Until it was.

When we reached the wooden bridge, the wind picked up. Still seemed doable. Instead of the three mile loop I made the decision to switch to the two mile one. Okay. Done.

Bad choice. As we continued, the wind picked up velocity and blew us about. Because of the mixture of snow and rain, deep puddles on the path resembled mini lakes with whitecaps. Then, the temperature dropped severely. My face became raw and wind burned. Darth did not stop to take his 100 territory marking sessions. That was something new. It now felt a version of the arctic tundra.

The wet path started to freeze so I slipped and lost my footing several times so I moved us to the ice crusted grass. I alternated carrying the dog with having him walk to keep his blood flowing. We were a good mile away from home.

That was a long and miserable mile. There was no speeding it up as the wind seemed to blow from all directions and the ground was too slick to run.

This is an analogy for very tough times. I often speak about the power of positivity. Yet, there are times when positivity won’t cut it and we simply must endure. In any way we can.

Winston Churchhill has been credited with the quote, “If you are going through hell, just keep going.”

And for Darth and I, there was no other option. Freezing up in this case could result in our potential freezing.

Sometimes all we can do is take one little step forward followed by another little step forward. And eventually, we will get to a new and better destination.

For us, it was a warm house where it took me hours to feel warm again. Thankfully, very short lived.

For some, it could be getting through a tough loss like a death or a divorce. A health crisis that is like nothing we have ever experienced. Seeing a loved one struggle with mental illness or addiction and feeling powerless. No amount of positive words seem to ease the tremendous burden and ache.

We do have a singular choice. And that is to keep going. Bit by bit often with no grand plan.

The winds of change swirl and freeze
When we prefer a mind at ease
Find the strength to move ahead
Even with a sense of dread
At some point, no one can know
The sun will come out, the wind will slow

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