Your life is a blank canvas.

Paint on it.

Your life is a
blank canvas.

Paint on it.

Hiring a professional coach is an important step to help you

clarify your goals,

take action steps to achieve them,

and remove the obstacles

that prevent your ongoing success.

I founded Platinum Crown Life Coaching to help people
improve their lives,
often quickly and noticeably.





Move beyond the PAST. Step into your ideal life.

Unresolved issues from the past can prevent you from having the future you deserve. Together, let’s resolve this.

Individuals can get stuck in the pain of the past. Trauma, loss, grief, rejection, betrayal, divorce and more can hold us hostage. There are proven techniques to loosen the stronghold the past has on the present. Relief can become reality. Moving beyond it, a way of life. Join me in this powerful process of release.

Childhood trauma

Your PRESENT sows seeds for your future.

Learn to cultivate well.​

Negative thoughts
Bad Habits

We can take action only in the present. Yet our minds often fixate on the past or worry about the future. Learning to harness the power of your brain, build a more disciplined mind, and manage stress effectively will naturally help you create a more purposeful, productive life. My study and knowledge of the field of neuroscience can help you break bad habits and achieve goals more quickly.

Small steps can lead to big things.

Every thought, action and habit is a building block.

Build a solid FUTURE.

Why does Life Coaching fit so well with future goals and dreams?

Because it taps into the sweet spot of hidden potential residing in each of us. Many of the most successful business leaders, entrepreneurs, students, athletes and professionals use coaching as a tool. A coach brings accountability and expertise to the table.

When you know you are capable of achieving more yet are having trouble moving forward, Life Coaching is a bridge to a brighter, more prosperous future. I can help you co-create this future based on your unique values, strengths, and temperament.

Goal setting
Sports visualization
Financial goals

ENDINGS with loving support.

Terminal Illness

Our impending death or the loss of a loved one is often one of the most stressful and devastating times of life. With a solid support system, this time can hold purpose and meaning.

My hospice experience and end of life certification helps me to bring emotional and/or spiritual help to a tough yet important time. No one should face this alone if they don’t have to.

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